The not pr0n walkthrough by ThoNohT


not pr0n is a game of riddles, it is also called "The hardest riddle available on the internet".
You can find it at or
There are currently 135 levels, I will discuss all that I have reached. I play not pr0n not by myself, but with my friends, we don't consult any other walkthroughs. This walkthrough is made for us mainly, so if we need to start again, we can find our way through faster.
If you want to consult this walkthrough, please feel free to do so, however: It will ruin all the fun!

To start the game, go to the site (you best use internet explorer, so you can hear the sound), click any language (either English or German), and then click the "Click here to start it!" link. Or just go to this page.

Note: if there is an (x) link to a page but a password is required anyway, use the last one before the current link

Level one

You are at level one, you see a picture with a door in it. Underneath you see the text "Enter the door!".
The first eight levels have hints on the official site, so we are going to use them.
"If this level is too hard, give up and go kill yourself. No don't!
Where do you open a door? Click that part in the picture!"

What does this say? You have to click on the image, at the place of the door. This will bring you to level two.

Level two

Now you see a staircase with three doors at the top of it. It obviously seems the target to enter through that door, so you move your mouse to the doorknob.
Then a message pops up:
The door is closed. Trick it or reach LEVEL 3 in a different way! (Address?)
This is all we have, what are we going to do now?
"The popup is telling you to trick it. Maybe use something else than your mouse to get rid of it, so you get the link that it is covering!"

So you have seen the hint twice now, in the popup the you see the word 'Message', and in the hint the word 'link'.
What you have to do, is not try to open the door, but reach level 3 in a different way, by just changing the link.
The address of this page is: ""
So in the address field of your browser, change 'level2' into 'level3', and there we are. The address should be: ""

Level three

When you changed the link, you are redirected to another page, and there it continues.
You are in a room now, with a few wooden blocks lit by a faint light. The title of this page is "Turn me ON!" You can see a message flash sometimes: "Stop being so negative!".
"Stop being negative, will ya? Stop trying to click something, there is nothing! Read the address carefully. What can you "turn on"?"

It's obvious that again you don't have to click anything, but you have to change something in the address again, something youcan turn on.
The address of this page is: ""
When you look at the address, you also see that it says gototheothersite, "Go to the other site". This means (again) that you have to change the address, but it is not the thing you have to change.
When you look before that part, you see "false". "false", is a boolean. A boolean is a value that can be either 0 or 1, off or on, false or true.
That's the thing you have to change, change the off to on, so the 'false' to 'true'. The link you should now get is: ""

Level four

Now you are in a bedroom, with a bed, and a desk (or something else) next to it. On the bed there is a coin, when you move your mouse over it, you can click, and your browser will try to load another page. But it can't it needs a password first. What is the password?
The title of the page is look in the dark, so you have to look somewhere on this picture where it is dark. Then let's look at the hint.
"Is anything dark here? Light it maybe? How? Got programs for that? Do you see something now? What sort of code could it be?"

So this tells that you have to look in a dark place (okay you knew that). The darkest place in the image, is the desk. If you can't see anything, open an image editing program, and try to make it a bit lighter. Then a code shows up on the desk, it looks like this:
...- --- --- -.. --- ---
.--. --- .-- . .-.

A code with points and dashes, that must be morsecode. Now you need to translate it, the page also says (if you look a bit lower) that you can always use google when there is a google bar in the window. So you search for morsecode on google. I used this page. And fill in those two lines of morsecode.
The translator will return to you "voodoo" and "power".

These must be the username and password for the link that is behind the coin on the bed, so click the coin, as username insert "voodoo", and as password insert "power". Now the next level will load.

Level five

(voodoo - power)
What do you see here? A table with books on it and a remote. Note that you can click the red button on the remote. The title of this page is "Light your torch", let's not regard this.
"Carefully read the URL. There are at least 2 things that can help you.
Found the right thing in google? Stop thinking too difficult, just need 2 words for Username/Password!"

In the url we can see two things, one is "google", so we have to search on google, okay.
The second one is "shestheoneforme", "She is the one for me". I disregarded this second hint.
Then we are going to look further, what is in the image, more text:
On the book you see written: "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", a little search on google and you find that this is an artist. Underneath that you can see in white letters: "What's the name of this song again?" So we are looking for a song, and the song is probably made by the artist on the book.
Right above the white text you see in grey: "eyes like an angel smiles like a devil". That's part of a lyric in the song, your guess? Right, do a google on "Bug Bad Voodoo Daddy", and the lyrics, try this:
"bbvd eyes like an angel smiles like a devil". And there it is, the first hit, named untitled document. Click it.
You should now be at this page.
Now it is easy to answer the question, the name of the song is 'Simple Songs'. And like the hint said, 2 words for Username/Password, these are two words.

Logical conclusion: Click the red button on the remote, and try username:"simple", password:"songs", and you will be going to the next level!

Level six

(simple - songs)
We are somewhere, and we see some pipes, and a blue round thing. I don't know what it is, but that's not important. What is important is the fact that you can click the white thing on the round blue thing.
Before looking at anything else, let's click that white thing on the round blue thing. And as expected, you are prompted with a password again, but then look at the username, it's "anagram". What's an anagram? click here to find out!
Cool, so you'll probably have to rearrange some letters, which letters? Now let's see the other clues!

The title says this: "...the source code might help..."
Underneath the image you see "an ALTernative?"
The link says: "He's got it all", but we don't need this.
"Make up your mind about the "source code"!
Ever heard of ASCII Code?"

From this, you can conclude that there is more information in the sourcecode, but it is not yet nessecary to look in the sourcecode. It can be solved without.

I guess you want to look in the source anyway, so go ahead have a look! There is nothing interesting, but do note that there is an iFrame: src="../stuff/mine.htm", when you go to that page, find the answer yourself! The same can be found without the source!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you see the word "up", try selecting everything from the text "up", and up.
Then you'll see that in the iFrame, there are a few numbers, black on black so you don't just see them.
The numbers are:
"108 105 108 107
117 111 114 104"

The hints are talking about ASCII code, and ALT (from the ALTernative), what do you do with ALT? Right, create symbols from ascii codes. What you do is type: ALT+108, ALT+105, ALT+108, ALT+105, and you get: "lilk"
ALT+117, ALT+111, ALT+114, ALT+104, and you get: "uorh"

When you enter them as username and password, they are not accepted, but hey! Don't forget the anagram thing! There are some sensible things you can make out of these worlds: "kill hour". So as username, try "kill", and as password try "hour".
Let's go on to the next level.

Level seven

(kill - hour)
We see a table, with a candywrapper on it.
The title of the page is: "he went to the old school"
"Carefully read the URL. It's telling you what to do."
So let's read the url, what we see is this: "sdrawkcab/tieman"
And let's have a look at the source this time, you see two comments: "times have changed in deutschland", and "what candy wrapper is it?"

Let's start trying a few things, "he went to the old school" is not really useful now. So then let's look at the url, see what you must do.
When you read the url backwards, it says this: nameit/backwards.
Then there are a few things we can try. First change the url, you will get messages helping us.
"backwards/tieman.htm" -> "no, just name it"
"sdrawkcab/nameit.htm" -> "No, name what you see on the pic, go back!"
"backwards/nameit.htm" --> "do IT"

Isn't it obvious that you should name the thing on the picture? There was a hint about that in the source.: "what candy wrapper is it?". If you look in the mirror, you can see an X, from Twix. Well, then make another url.
"sdrawkcab/twix.htm" -> "wenoot"
What? we can make nothing of that! Oh, wait. backwards!
"sdrawkcab/xiwt.htm" -> "too new"
Ah, look! It was too new inverted. So twix is too new? This reminds you of the other two hints: "times have changed in deutschland", and "he went to the old school". You need something older. Was there an other name Twix had before it was named Twix?
let's have a look at Google: history twix.
Again, the first result is useful!

The old name Twix had was Raider, that brings us to another url!
"sdrawkcab/raider.htm" -> "dnuorayawrehto"
Damn, that's true! "Other way around"!
"sdrawkcab/rediar.htm", and on we go!

Level eight

A guitar and an amp. Nice!
The hints are:
Title: "Say it loudly and proudly"
Underneath the image: "JAY should PACK his stuff"
Click the guitar, and see the password promt, it says: "mom, he formatted my second song"
In the Source: "water became wine", """ and "Note to self: keep telling people that jay pack is NO band".
The deathball trailer is cool, look at for more information about this game, but we don't need it now.
"Second song? Which one could it be?
Who (or what) is Jay Pack? Say it loud!"

Well, the first thing you will automatically is start shouting "JAY PACK!", and what do you find? It just sounds like JPEG, which is some kind of image. We've covered the title, the note to self and the second part of the hint now.
Then there are only two things left, Second Song, and Water became Wine.
Dig into the code again, and note that there are two songs defined. The first one which keeps playing (very annoying) is "mus1.mp3", and the second one is "mus2.mp3". This one isn't played, is it a sound file?
From the hint in the password prompt, you can deduce that it is probably not a sound file, but a formatted sound file.
"Water became wine", we have to transform something. We have a second song, and we must transform something. So we must transform the second song. What was the first clue we found? JPEG.
So now let's download the song mus2.mp3, and rename it to mus2.jpeg.

And yes, it is an image, the image says this:
"name: inverted password: levelten"
Do it, click the guitar, use the given name and password. And we are off to level nine!

Level nine

(inverted - levelten)
First thing: We are out of hints from the hints page. So now we must get everything from the page itself, you can read it on the hints page:
"Now you are on your own. No more help!
But keep in mind that all levels are different from each other!
It's easy to find cheats on the internet, but from the moment of your first cheating on, the whole fun is gone, stay strong!
Don't brag with your level progress, it makes no sense."

The situation now is: A few books, one of them contains some text. I don't know for sure, but I think the text on the book is this: "play + vocal + guitar"
But let's not worry about these words too much, there are other hints.
In the title you can find the word "revolution". Under the image you find the text:
"tear under nemmet's oven
did he answer demon's call now"

And last there is the link, which conatains "luv2music" and "paulisdead". For fun, change the "paulisdead" to "paulisalive"
You see this:
"yeah i know he is alive, but don't waste your time with the Mc!", so no need to look for things with paul McCartney
And then look at the source, the little text under the image has some spans, with class="not", since we are inverting things, we take only the letters withint the spans. This text comes up:

That's two lines, so it seems to be a username and password. But then we need a link, after a bit of searching, you'll find that the "9" in the upper left corner is a link.
Give the autenticator the username and password, and go on to the next level!

Level ten

(turnmeon - deadman)
A ring.
Are there any hints here? Perhaps the title: "He was impatient".
And remember something from level 8, the image mus2.mp3!
It contained levelten as password, so perhaps it applies to this level. The username was inverted, maybe we have to invert something again.
Last but not least there is the source of the page.
Look at the music, first the bgsound was mus1.mp3, now it is mus3.mp3. It might be something with the sound.
In the last line you find a comment: "%SystemRoot%\System32\sndrec32.exe can capture what u hear"
Let's do that. First go to the volume control, select recording, and there select 'what u hear', or whatever makes you record the things you also hear (from the computer that is).
Then open sndrec32.exe, and record the backgroundsound of the page
When you have it, mind the clue inverted. So invert the sound (it's in the effects menu in the recording program).
"He was impatient", he wanted it faster it means. So play it a little faster, which seems logical, for tsound you can hear now is totally useless.
When you have increased the speed (in the same menu) three times, you can hear a female voice. It says "grey world"

Click the ring, (I hope you found out that was the thing to click on).
The hint you now see is "the operator woman said it".
You just heard a woman say "grey world", so try "grey" as username, and "world" as password.
See you in the next level.

Level eleven

(grey - world)
We see an oven, and the title is "ahead of its time". I don't suppose the oven is ahead of its time, it looks very old.
The link contains the world "mystery", since every level here is a mystery, that doesn't help you much.
The third thing to check is the source, there are no comments in the source.

So the only clue is that something is ahead of its time, but what?
Look at the image, "screen12.jpg", and note that we are only at level 11. This image seems to be ahead of its time.
Try opening the image screen11.jpg.
That image is in outer space, and a text is vaguely readable. It says "fucking pans".
All we need now is something to click on, it is the light in the back of the oven.
So click on the light, enter "fucking" as username, and "pans" as password.

Level twelve

(fucking - pans)
We have two images, that explains the title: "stereo"
Under the two images is the text "I'm screwing with the dimensions, spot me".
In the source there is information too: "switch pics for parallel view", and "GIF me my picture back" and "".
Again, the dragon is very nice, it looks at you from whatever direction you look at it. So it kinda fucks the dimensions, but that's not what we are looking for.

We have to look for something that is fucking with the dimensions (apart from the dragon).
From the hint "GIF me my picture back", you could try turning the image (realscreen12.jpg) into a gif, but that doesn't do much.
Another idea, is changing the link of the image, so why not go to realscreen12.gif?
You now clearly see how those two images are different from eachother. Everything is turned around a bit.
One thing should catch your eyes, the remote control. It turns exactly the other was as any other thing on the ground.
That's the thing we are looking for, we have a username: "remote", and a password: "control".

Level thirteen

(remote - control)
A bed, a clock, and a ring. The clock has a number "4" near it, and the ring a number "10". The clock is clickable.
Remember that in level 10 there was also a ring, and in level 4 we had the bed with the desk and the morsecode.
The hints we have:
Title: "lucy not in the sky"
Under the image: "no maths"
In the source: "he's been a bad boy"
and five mouseover things: "2of5", "3of5", "xof5", "5of5", "xof5"
If you click the clock, a password prompt with: "i live there"

If you look at the places where the popups come, you can see letters. Put the right numbers with the right letters.
2 - E (it fell over)
3 - V
4 - I
x - L
x - D
Let's see this as an anagram, where three letters, "evi" are already in the right place, and we have place the "d" and the "l" yet.
That's not difficult, 1 and 4 are still free, and if you place the "D" on 1, and the "L" on 5, then you get the word "devil".

It's true that the devil is a bad boy sometimes, and he is also not in the sky. Where does he live? He lives in hell. Voila, the username is "devil", the password is "hell".

Level fourteen

(devil - hell)
Here is a cd from "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", it's called "Live". and we have the remote again, with the red clickable button.
"He knew the feeling..." is what the title says.
"neo" and "been there" are in the url.
"quoi?", french for "what?" is in the password prompt.
"don't use opera here!
what language is the password hint? use it properly!"
is all the source has to tell us.
So the language is french, but how do you use it properly?
Opera is a browser, so I suggest if you are using it, switch to another browser now.

When you think of neo, a character in the matrix, look on google for "neo been there", and obviously you will find that there was a scene in a building where neo thought he "had been" there before, he saw the cat twice.
Then he said: "déjà vu". Now just let that be our username + password. So enter "déjà" as username, and "vu" as password. On the next level!

Level fifteen

(déjà - vu)
We see a "rusty board", like the link also says.
The title tells you to "hit the keys" And then there is a source:
"this message is ONLY for french people (any maybe belgium): votre clavier est erroné (sorry, just babelfish, I have no clue if it's good, but you can translate it back" And then before that there are two lines of numbers, some between braces, and some not.
"[1] 4 [2] 1 [3] 6 [2] 3 [1] 9 [3] 7
[2] 2 6 [1] 8 5"

You could try typing these numbers, but this has nothing to do with erroneous french keyboards.
What do you see about these numbers is that the ones between braces are either 1, 2 or 3.
On a keyboard there are three rows of keys, so a good guess might be taking the rows from the numbers between braces, and take the xth key from the numbers without braces.
this would produce:

Put them in the password fields, "you are on your own" doesn't seem to have anything to do with this, but let's keep it in mind for later riddles ayway.

Level sixteen

(random - shit)
Hey what's this? This seems to be a summary of all the levels we have had before. And the last one is an image of the current level. (Yay that brings it into an infinite loop).
The title is "resume", could be a synonym for summary, or something else.
In the url there are "zoo" and ,i>"mznvh", don't tell you much yet either.
No other clues, so then look at the source.
"# = ellwll/hrnkov/proo" useless too...
"I know, at this point you regret not having saved all passwords and url's of the previous levels. But I tell you, start doing it now, or you might regret it much more later!" -> Hey, but you are watching this now, so you have them anyway. All urls and passwords are saved here.
"invert az" - So you have a lot of nonsense words, why not try inverting them in a-z...
"zoo" -> "all"
"mznvh" -> "names"
"# = ellwll/hrnkov/proo" -> "# = voodoo/simple/kill"

We have to do something with all the names, and voodoo, simple and kill are usernames. So probably everything with a # is for the username.
Another posibility is that everything with a # is A-Z inverted, so there are now several things we can try.
All images with a 0 in it didn't require a username, and when we are going to look at the other things, let's make a summary of all the usernames and passes with the numbers.
  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. voodoo - power: 4
  5. simple - songs: 5#
  6. kill - hour: 3#
  7. -
  8. inverted - levelten: 2#
  9. turnmeon - deadman: 5
  10. grey - world: 0
  11. fucking - pans: 1#
  12. remote - control: 1
  13. devil - hell: 1
  14. déjà - vu: 2
  15. random - shit: 1
Try taking everything from the names, but use the encrypted versions of the ones with a #.
You get:
Try "doom" as username, and "murder" as password. :)

Level seventeen

(doom - murder)
What do you see here?
There are a few hints, like "aliens are coming" in the title, and "pron" in the address.
In the source there is "what am I?". This tells you you have to call the thing in the image by it's name.
If you go to the official forum, the hint is "torch the place"
Do that! (it means use some image editing program to brighten it up)
You'll find that it looks like, a lamp. So change the "pron" into "lamp" and you are in the next level.

But stop! There are a few other things you can try.
try changin "pron" in these things:
"notpron" (if you're old enough), "light", "sun", "nova"...
Okay that's all I found, go on :)

Level eighteen

Hey! an annoying piano sound, actually it is a church organ.
The hint in the title: "sorry, going on for some more time" applies to the music you hear, so ignore that.

What do you see in the image? It's a keyboard, that must be the thing that plays the annoying music.
And then there is the source: "what the heck is the 'a' for? why not a 'b'? or nothing at all?". The a? what a? It is the a in "screen18a.jpg".
Sooo, perhaps we can change the "a" into "b"...
"Mom! he called me "b"

you are sooo B yourself, pah!"

And much more nonsense will come if you keep changing the letters up until z :) (only if you are old enough)

But there was another thing: "or nothing at all?" So take "screen18.jpg" and see the music! The first note is give, it is a D!
What do you do? Listen to the music, and find out which notes they are (try some midi program to play the music, and try an mp3 editing program to play the background sound a bit faster with higher pitch, so the notes will match.
Anyway, if you are too lazy to do this, and the pages haven't changed, the notes will be "DEAFDEAD"
Your first impulse now is to change the "lamp" in the address into "deaf" ;)

Level nineteen

A hand? Pointing to the left, and then the title says "he moved it into the right direction."
It seems that something has been moved to the right (not right but the direction right (so the opposite of left)) direction.
What was moved? Perhaps the source can tell us some more.
"xfjse tuvgg" - Yeah, that's what it tell us, so let's move it to the left direction. Change all letters to the previous one!
"weird stuff"... That sounds like normal words.
Try them, username: "weird", password: "stuff"
(The fingernail is the link :))

Level nineteen

A hand? Pointing to the left, and then the title says "he moved it into the right direction."
It seems that something has been moved to the right (not right but the direction right (so the opposite of left)) direction.
What was moved? Perhaps the source can tell us some more.
"xfjse tuvgg" - Yeah, that's what it tell us, so let's move it to the left direction. Change all letters to the previous one!
"weird stuff"... That sounds like normal words.
Try them, username: "weird", password: "stuff"
(The fingernail is the link :))

Level twenty

(weird - stuff)
A lot of nonsense can be seen. It is written in Wingdings 2....
(I don't have that font for some reason, so a friend did it for me :))
If you translate the text it says:

Guess that's your username and password. (Username: "reallly", password: "unfair")

Level twentyone

(really - unfair)
"The fake trapped him." What fake?
Look at the colors, things are strange there:
OKay, and now let's go on to the other hints.
"again" in the link.
"First to beat it: [zeend_22] stupid maze :P" in the source.
The filename of the image is "white.jpg"
And the password field says "the a and the z" proably this means the alpha and the omega.
Well, there are two omega signs, and one alpha sign. The alpha sign is the link...

When you take the image white.jpg, and change them into one of the colors which are written there, you get an image with blocks in the correct color. In this case they all seem not to be lying.
The black image however has text.